SAN DIEGO — With winter energy bills expected to be more than double the amount of last year’s rates, San Diego Gas & Electric is giving tips on how customers can save money.

Aside from a variety of assistance programs offered by the company, SDG&E has created a webpage with tools and advice for customers on how to manage their energy consumption from home.

Ways to reduce energy

  • Control humidity:
    Instead of reaching for the thermostat, SDG&E advised customers to use a humidifier to keep their home humidity between 30 and 50%. According to the company, you’ll feel warmer with some humidity in the air.
  • Lower your thermostat:
    SDG&E said you can save as much as 10% per year on heating and cooling by turning your thermostat down seven to 10°F for eight hours a day in the fall and winter. 
  • Reduce use of non-essential appliances: 
    Spas, pool heaters and fireplaces can use a significant amount of gas or electricity, the company explained. Limiting the use of these appliances can lower bills.
  • Wash with cold water and lower water heater temperature: 
    SDG&E said washing clothes in cold water can save you up to 10% on water heating costs. Also, lowering the thermostat on water heaters to 120°F can help save energy.
  • Stop the breeze:
    Caulk and weather-strip around drafty doors and windows to keep the cold out and the warmth in.
  • Use space heaters:
    These heating devices can be used for small spaces or rooms. SDG&E advised customers to use space heaters that have tip-over safety switches and to always turn the heater off when you leave the room.
  • Upgrade home lighting:
    SDG&E suggested using LED light bulbs and ENERGY STAR light fixtures, which use less energy.   Since there is less daylight in the winter months, more lighting is typically used within the home.
  • Keep your furnace clean:
    The company advised customers to check their furnace filters once a month and replace them regularly because dirty filters can increase energy costs.
  • Power off:
    Turning off lights, computers, TVs and other electronic devices can help cut back on energy use, said SDG&E.

More energy saving tips, both low cost and no cost, can be found here.

Energy management tools

  • My Energy Charts:
    Monitor your energy bill with SDG&E’s tracking feature.
  • Energy Alerts:
    Stay informed on your energy use and avoid surprises on your bill with notifications from SDG&E. You can also set payment reminders with this tool
  • Home Energy Checkup:
    Create your energy-saving action plan with tips and tool provided by the company.
  • Read Your Bill Guide:
    SDG&E uses a sample bill with highlighted features that help you better understand and manage your energy use. 

Natural gas prices are historically high nationwide, which makes now a great time to start applying these money saving tips to your home and lifestyle.