SAN DIEGO — Have you experienced an aerial phenomenon? If you ask some San Diegans that question, their answer would be “yes.”

According to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), several unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings in the region have been reported so far this year.

NUFORC is a non-governmental, nonprofit corporation that investigates UFO sightings. The center says it receives, records, corroborates and documents reports from individuals who believe they have witnessed an aerial phenomenon.

Since it was founded in 1974, NUFORC says it has processed over 170,000 reports, which are listed online by date and location. The center explained that guaranteed anonymity to callers is a longstanding policy of the corporation.

NUFORC makes available to the public all of its data in summary form with the time, location, duration of the sighting and a short summary describing the UFO.

As of Aug. 6, there have been a total of 15 UFO sightings across San Diego County that have been reported to NUFORC this year.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of those alleged sightings, according to NUFORC:

*The National UFO Reporting Center says it makes no claims as to the validity of the information in any of these reports. Obvious hoaxes have been omitted, however, most reports have been posted exactly as received in the author’s own words.

2/9/233:23 p.m.EscondidoSphere30 secondsExtremely small sphere at extremely fast speed.
2/17/237:10 a.m.San DiegoN/A1-2 minutesNo sound. It went right over an FAA TRACON facility.
3/1/23 7:35 p.m..OceansideStarAbout 10 minutesLooked up at the sky, these 2 “stars” shining very brightly side by side. (NUFORC Note: Jupiter and Venus)
4/24/232:32 p.m.San DiegoOrbAbout 30 secondsI say an orb…
5/3/235;27 p.m.San DiegoRectangle2-4 minutesSaw a distant, rotating, wobbling, dark plank (flat rectangle or oval, etc.).
5/6/236:24 p.m.Chula VistaUnknown30 minutesShinning object higher than keys. I have a video.
6/13/2310:50 p.m.OceansideOrb2 minutesBright lights in sky below aircraft then quickly faded to nothing — vanished.
6/16/231:05 p.m.CarlsbadOrb5 minutesSaw many of these moving in different directions and changing directions.
6/21/238:35 p.m.Del MarLight2 minutesLooked up while walking north towards Villa de la Valle, saw brightest white light. Thought ‘star’ but way too close to be a star.
6/23/236:30 p.m.San DiegoCircleA few secondsIt has crevices in it. We snapped a pic.
7/13/239:10 p.m.OceansideCross30 secondsSilent flying object moving slow then disappeared.
7/19/237:27 a.m.Lemon GroveCigar2 minutesObject had ‘fins’ so not an airplane.
7/19/239:59 p.m.San DiegoLight15 minutesSaw a massive light in the sky above San Diego, was brighter than anything.
7/20/234:41 p.m.BonitaSphere2 minutesWitnessed bright spherical object that was at high altitude.
7/20/2310 p.m.San DiegoTriangle5 minutesTwo pictures; one right after the other. Difference of the second picture is a zoomed in and then within a minute they were gone.

NUFORC says reports are posted on periodic basis as they are processed, meaning there may be more sightings for this year that have yet to be posted on its site.