SAN DIEGO — Members of the Chinese community gathered Friday in Balboa Park to remember the 18 people killed in two separate California shootings at the beginning of the Lunar New Year celebration.

The first shooting happened in Monterey Park, leaving 11 dead and 9 wounded. Then, 24 hours later, seven more were killed and one was critically injured at Half Moon Bay.

“So upset to hear about the loss of life and this tragedy and a little bit numb. It feels like we are living through this trauma with our brothers and sisters up north at Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay,” said Natasha Wong, the president of the House of China in Balboa Park.  

Security at the House of China in Balboa Park was hired on and the San Diego police Department attended the memorial as well.

“For me as DA, it hurts me to think that 81% of our Asian-American community feels that violence against them is rising,” said Summer Stephan, the San Diego County district attorney.  

The Lunar New Year festivities end this Sunday, and community leaders are trying to start the healing process.

“Healing comes in many forms, and it requires moments like this, but it also requires moments like we’ve seen in recent weeks where we also continue to celebrate and acknowledge what brings our communities together,” said Kent Lee, a San Diego city councilmember from the sixth district.