SAN DIEGO – A Friday night fire broke out inside a San Ysidro hotel, forcing people to leave their rooms, said the San Diego Fire Department.

Sometime before 11 p.m., San Diego firefighters headed to 815 W. San Ysidro Blvd., also known as the Best Western Americana Inn.

When the fire department arrived, they found the fire in the attic of the hotel, according to Becky Newell from SDFD.

“They did some vertical ventilation which allowed the heat and gas to escape out of the roof,” Newell explained.

Newell added that firefighters did a relatively quick job in preventing any fire spread to other hotel rooms involved. Two units on the second floor and two on the first floor were the only ones that burned.

Police assisted in evacuating the hotel guests during this fire.

Nobody was injured, but an entire wing of the hotel was left without power or gas.