SANTEE, Calif. — It’s been one year since a plane slammed into two houses and a UPS truck, killing two and injuring several others on the ground on the corner of Jeremy and Greencastle in Santee.

The quiet neighborhood has assisted the residents who lost their homes slowly rebuild, and in roughly four months, the homes are expected to be rebuilt.

“The owner told me he heard something or saw something like a wing or some sort of plane part and instantly everything was on fire,” said Ken Janowiak, a contractor rebuilding one of the homes destroyed.

Both of the families who lost their homes will be moving back to their properties, but there are still nerves surrounding the plane crash.

“A plane that came in, I thought was going to land on the roof of the door, it was that low. I don’t know if it was having trouble, but every time I see one that’s a little bit low from that direction, that’s what you think about,” said Jean Emmons, a longtime resident of Santee.

A memorial service was held at the beach for the beloved UPS driver Steve Krueger over the weekend.