SAN DIEGO – Rose Schindler who was known as a Holocaust survivor and San Diego resident died at age 93 according to her son.

She passed away Friday evening, just days after her last event. That event was on Jan. 28 at the UC San Diego Hillel Center, according to her son Ben.

Schindler was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, according to the family.

Schindler was 14 when she lied to the Nazis that she was 18, which would prove to be a lifesaver.

She said a German Nazi officer let her go with her two sisters, but otherwise, she would have gone to the gas chamber with her mother and other siblings.

Schindler had said that her father’s last words to her were “whatever you do, stay alive, so you can tell the world what they’re doing to us.”

The family is inviting the public to Schindler’s funeral which will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday at El Camino Memorial at 5600 Carroll Canyon Road.