SAN DIEGO — The winter storm has created a cascading problem of flight delays and cancelations hitting San Diego, leaving travelers stranded and scrambling to get to their families for the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday.

An estimated 2,400 flights were canceled Thursday and thousands more are expected to be canceled while the “Bomb Cyclone” winter storm hits the Midwest and East Coast over the next few days.

Meanwhile in San Diego, the weather is expected to be beautiful, but the travel problems are at the San Diego International Airport are not hard to find.

“Our first flight got canceled, then we booked another one and then we got this one. And now we still have to cancel one. So, it’s been expensive and a hassle,” said Hindy Bare, a holiday traveler trying to make it to Denver.

Most people are handling the inconvenience with grace as they plan on doing whatever it takes to get to their families for the holidays. 

“We made it past security. We were about to scan our boarding pass, it wouldn’t scan. We made through, we did everything. Our bags are in Phoenix, and that’s probably the most difficult, and now we have to get our bags to Germany,” said Anna Salmon, a holiday traveler trying to get to Germany. 

Pro tip to travelers: track your bags with Apple AirTags and get to the airport with plenty of time. Safe travels, and happy holidays.