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ENCINITAS, Calif. — Schools across San Diego County are starting to get into the groove of distance learning, and now some teachers are shifting their focus from logistical issues to their students’ mental wellbeing.

“We were helping the students acclimate to the new technology and how we’re incorporating Google classroom,” said Brad Golden, director of the theater department at La Costa Canyon High School. “Now technology is our conduit.”

While the normality of school has been turned upside down, the lessons surrounding the stay-at-home order have been presenting themselves in a self-evident way.

Golden said from the start, his first priority has been mental health. He believes the connection with community, like getting teachers and students together despite the isolation everyone is experiencing, will provide an understanding that everyone is there for one another.

“Accessibility to other professionals are opening up and I get the sense that a lot of professionals, because they have time, are all feeling the need to give,” Golden said. “So that’s been an added benefit — being able to connect my students to professionals from the industry in which I teach.”

As for his personal lectures, Golden says it’s time to learn to heal and laugh again.

“While the world is very sad out there right now and there’s a lot of fear and anxiety, there’s a great benefit from being able to step aside and find a way to laugh and find a way to find humor.”