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SAN DIEGO – A San Diego police dog called Titan is recovering after being stabbed by a man in an altercation with officers Monday in the Midway District.

Authorities say two officers were responding at about 11:30 a.m. to a radio call of a man trespassing at a business in the 3300 block of Barnett Avenue. Police made contact with the man, later identified as Dedrick Darnell Jones, who they say refused to provide his information and punched the officers before fleeing, according to the department.

Jones, 35, then entered military property at 2500 Midway Drive where police say he stood on a shipping container brandishing a knife for about four hours.

Emergency negotiators were able to get Jones to come down, but officers said he “still refused to put the knife down.”

“The officer released his K9 partner, Titan, to assist and the suspect stabbed him,” the department said in a tweet.

The dog suffered stab wounds to his side, lacerating his colon in three places, police said. He was rushed to a local animal hospital where between 6-8 inches of Titan’s colon was surgically removed, requiring more than 100 stitches.

For the incident, Jones was arrested and he’s being detained at San Diego Central Jail. He is facing four felony charges and a misdemeanor, including harming a police dog and obstructing and resisting an officer. His bond is set at $50,000, local jail records show.

Now Titan is “on the road to recovery,” according to the department.

“He’s a brave boy!” they said. “We’ll keep you updated on Titan’s condition and please keep him in your thoughts as he has a long road to recovery.”