SAN DIEGO — With the first leg of a winter storm sweeping through San Diego County, about 11,000 San Diego Gas & Electric customers were without power Tuesday night due to high winds causing temporary outages, the utility company said.

Hundreds across the county are still experiencing power loss, according to SDG&E’s outage map, as crews work to restore weather affected equipment.

While the winds that caused most of these outages have subsided from the early morning peaks, additional storm systems are expected to move into the region over the next few days, bringing more rain, wind and hazardous conditions to the region.

SDG&E said Wednesday that meteorologists with the utility company will be monitoring these weather conditions, while they prepare for the additional storms’ impact.

The company said they have increased the number of field crews and equipment available to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, should more outages occur.

To help customers prepare for the more widespread winter storms expected to set in later this week, the company suggests that people follow these safety measures:

  • If you see a downed power line or damaged electrical equipment, always assume it is energized and stay away. Call 911 and SDG&E at 800-411-7343 to report it.
  • Secure any loose outdoor items like umbrellas, patio furniture and garbage bins to prevent them from flying away and damaging power lines.
  • Drive safely while on the roads with stormy conditions. During these kinds of weather events, SDG&E said that the number of cars hitting transformers or power poles increases, so slow down and allow more time for braking.
  • Have a plan and kit with essential supplies in case of an outage. Keep a battery-operated radio and flashlights — do not rely on candles for lighting.
  • If you rely on electrically operated medical equipment for your health, make sure to have backup power arrangements in case of an unplanned power shutoff.