San Diego – Chicano Park’s newest mural is one of a kind and represents the low rider community and the history of the takeovers. 

Honoring the Brown Image Car Club, creator of the mural Henry Rodriguez says he is also honoring those members that are no longer here today.  

“[The mural is] something I wanted to give back to the community and keep the name going and give a tribute to the guys no longer here,” said Rodriguez.  

The mural shows several images that Rodriguez says he has in an album, and that is where he got the idea for the concept.  

“Once somebody told me, ‘You know what you should do? Put this where people can see it’”, Rodriguez said. 

The mural is unique for the way it is painted, similar to a low rider paint job.  

“It’s kind of like a paint job for a car, in the beginning, we had to prepare the pillars put a primer on it, sand the primer, get it ready for the flake and clear that would go on which is part of the process,” said Alejandro Morales Riveron.  

Riveron was one of the 10 artists that contributed to the mural and painted the two car images on the top front right corner.  

After several months of hard work, Rodriguez says he is very thankful to have the mural now up and displayed in Chicano Park for everyone to see.  

“We were one of the strong car clubs back in the day, we started some of the hydraulics here in the neighborhood we had dances, we had football tournaments you know we were just an active club doing things of teenagers because we were teenagers at the time. We were here taking over the park and turning the dirt and stuff — one of the pictures up there shows that,” said Rodriguez.