BORREGO SPRING, Calif. — The desert is blooming.

Yellow, purple and white flowers are popping up in the Anza-Borrego Desert.

“If you can come, then come, it’s beautiful,” said Jim Wermers, honorary mayor of Borrego Springs. “A lot of cactus are in bloom.”

Borrego Springs leaders are expecting thousands of visitors to see the flowers and cactus blooms this season and they are prepared.

“We’re told there could be more than 100,000 that come in, any weekend or weekday, there’s hundreds of people,” Wermers said.

When you drive down the mountain leading into Borrego Springs, there’s a white sign that reads “Wildflower Information” with an arrow leading to one of two visitor information centers from the Anza-Borrego Foundation, where visitors can get maps, buy souvenirs and get directions to the best places to see the blooms, how long the trails are and what you are capable of seeing depending on your time frame and vehicle.

According to local leaders, the peak has been happening this week, and as the weather starts warming up, the blooms will start to diminish.

Desert officials said this is not considered a superbloom, but rather an average bloom, still it’s drawing in visitors.

Wermers said unlike in years past, the desert has prepared for the influx of visitors. He said when there were back-to-back “superblooms’’ in years past, they weren’t prepared for the thousands of people to come take in the sights of the desert blooms, but now they are.

“We’ve got a dozen locations with porta potties, handwashers and all the stores are stocked up, so there will be no problem this season,” he added.

The big bloom also means a big boom for the local economy.

“We rely on tourism, whether its day trippers, snow birds or people coming for a few days, it’s our primary economic driver,” Wermers said.

An interactive map to find the best blooms can be found on the foundation’s website.

Local wildflower experts want visitors to remember to pack a lot of water, and remember that dogs aren’t allowed on the trails.