VISTA, Calif. — A judgement motion hearing was held Friday in the wrongful death and negligence lawsuit involving three women killed at an Encinitas beach when a bluff collapsed in 2019.

The hearing focused on the City of Encinitas who filed a motion to dismiss claims against them because of an error. However, the attorney representing the families of the three women said in court they did everything as instructed.

“We feel so strongly about perusing this case because the family doesn’t want this to ever happen to anybody else this tragedy,” said Bibi Fell, the Davis Family attorney.

A family lost three of their loved ones in one devastating afternoon on Aug. 2, 2019.

The three women, 65-year-old Julie Davis, her daughter 35-year-old Anne Clave and 62 year-old sister Elizabeth Charles, along with family went to Grandview Surf Beach in Encinitas to celebrate Charles’ breast cancer recovery.

A portion of the cliff collapsed and crushed the three women to death. Each woman leaves behind a husband and children.

Fell said the family is suing the city of Encinitas, the state of California and the local homeowner’s association.

Fell claims that Encinitas had known for several years about the cliffs danger but did not take steps to prevent erosion or warn visitors.

Years later to the day, Fell said the city still has not made those improvements.

On Friday in a motion, the attorney for the City of Encinitas asked the judge to dismiss all claims against them. The city claims that the previous Davis Family attorney did not file their claim with the correct person, and therefore the case cannot proceed.

However, in court Fell argued that the previous attorney did exactly what the city told them to do.

The judge had a tentative ruling already from Thursday night to deny the city’s motion and allow the claims to proceed.

“I have a high level of confidence in this case, I believe we are on the side of right. And it certainly had dramatic consequences for this poor family that lost three beloved women,” Fell said.

When FOX 5 asked how the family was, Fell said the “the family is moving forward as best as they can trying to be there to support each other, but the gap that these three women left can never really be filled.”

The judge decided he will take another look at the evidence and make sure his tentative is correct, then have another ruling in about a week.

Attorneys for the City of Encinitas declined to comment after the hearing Friday.