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ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Health care workers gathered in Escondido Monday to protest the layoffs of more than 300 Palomar Health employees.

A group of about three dozen nurses presented a letter to the administration, calling no confidence on the CEO after the health care district group laid off 317 employees.

Nurses have been protesting for the last few weeks, trying to make their voices heard and get rehired.

Palomar Health says patient volume has decline by roughly 50% and they don’t have the ability to keep all of the workers employed.

Nurses told FOX 5 they were working with COVID-19 patients just days before they were laid off and two days later, lost their health insurance. Health care workers are pleading for the CEO and the administrators to reconsider the layoffs and to rehire those workers.

“It’s hard to be isolated from your family. It’s hard to not be able to see your grandchildren. And now we think of my colleagues, my brothers and sisters that have lost their jobs. They lost their health insurance with two days notice. It’s heartbreaking for them, for all of us,” one woman told FOX 5.

Medical administrators say when patient numbers start to increase, they will try to rehire the workers, but they currently don’t have the ability.