SAN DIEGO — A lucky winner is now a millionaire after hitting the Impressive Progressive jackpot at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, casino officials announced Friday.

Laili M. was awarded $1,022,473, one of the largest jackpot wins in Southern California this year, on a $5 progressive wager playing blackjack, the press release said.

“Her first two cards were each a 7 of diamonds,” Harrah’s Resort SoCal said. “The dealer’s up card was a 7 of diamonds, giving her the 3 7s in diamonds needed for the best Cash Spin wheel on that game. The wheel was spun and landed on 100% of the Ultra meter!”

The casino said it is unknown what Laili plans to do with her earnings.

The jackpot win comes after another Harrah’s Resort SoCal guest won $1,407,630 playing the table game EZ Baccarart in December 2022, according to officials.