SAN DIEGO — A deer mouse in rural East County tested positive for the potentially deadly hantavirus, county officials announced Friday.

The rodent was collected in routine monitoring from an open area in Guatay near Pine Valley, the County of San Diego Communications Office stated on its website.

Hantavirus, which has no vaccine or cure, is common to find in wild rodents in San Diego County.

“People can be exposed to hantavirus when wild rodents invade people’s spaces. Infected rodents shed the virus in their urine, feces and saliva. That matter dries and can be stirred into the air where people can breathe it in,” county official Gig Conaughton said.

Residents are advised to never sweep or vacuum up after wild rodents if they find them in living spaces such as homes, sheds, garages and cabins.

County officials recommend using bleach or other disinfectants, rubber gloves and bags as a “wet-cleaning” method.