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SAN DIEGO — San Diego is known for being super dog-friendly, and one business is taking full advantage of that.

The Dog Society, located at 6331 University Ave in Rolando, recently opened its doors, creating a space for pet owners and their dogs to relax, eat, drink and socialize.

“We just wanted to do something where you could spend time with your dog together, instead of leaving it at home,” said Sara Broetje, owner of The Dog Society. “People come home after work and they’re tired, but want to give them a place to come and hang out with their dogs and get them out of the house and hang out with some friends.”

While guests are able to enjoy quality time with their dogs by playing games like pool, shuffleboard, miniature golf and cornhole, the Dog Society also offers professional grooming and day care services.

“From boarding to grooming, to a beer garden and outdoor game area, there’s something for every doggo, pupper, fluffer, floof, corgo, cloud, boofer and woofer—with a team of friendly pack leaders helping create a safe, fun experience along the way,” the company said on its website.

Once a furniture store, workers say it took two years to renovate, which started at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We made it through and we are stoked to be open now,” said Cameron Gomez, CMO/COO of The Dog Society.

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