CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Halloween haunts are in full swing in Chula Vista as kids everywhere get ready to head out for trick-or-treating.  

A home off Otay Lakes and Canyon Drive may take spooky and creepy to a whole new level, but Chula Vista is actually being recognized as one of the best places in the nation to celebrate Halloween.

“People pull over and stop and someone said we were rated number one,” said Chula Vista resident Margo Chapman. “I was l like, ‘oh my God,’ well we are doing our part ya know?”

This family has been doing up their house of horrors for the last five years and says every year its get bigger and better. 

Across town at H street and Second on the corner of Patricia Avenue a “yard of the dead” and a terrifying “nursery of misbehaving monster children.”

Antoine Dwight is on leave for three months from the Army. He and his cousin started making their home extra scary during the pandemic as way to lighten what was for many a very dark time.  Now they want to scare the heck out of everyone, while still make making sure everyone is having fun and remains safe.

“With this being a busy street, it was like a good idea to have cones so kids have safe passage,” said Dwight. “If they get scared, the parents can stop them.”

Chula Vista, the city of San Diego and Oceanside all ranked in the top 16 cities, according to the Smart Assets survey. One of the main reasons is weather, but Chula Vista earned the No. 4. spot for its record on safety. The city is has the 10th lowest property crime rate and 32nd lowest violent crime rate.

But you don’t have to tell that to Chapman, who said, “we have really good families here, the best. Last year, we had several thousand people and we expect more this year.”