SAN DIEGO — Travis Sarreshteh, a 34-year-old convicted killer, showed little to no emotion in court during his sentencing Thursday for a deadly shooting spree in the Gaslamp Quarter which took the life of 28-year-old Justice Boldin.

Before handing down a sentence, the judge listened to impact statements from several of the victim’s family members.

“You took away one of the true loves of my life for no good reason, hurt me, you heard everybody that’s sitting, yeah, you’ve ruined your own life,” Boldin’s mother Denise said.

Prosecutors say it was a breakup with a girlfriend that led to Sarreshteh shooting at strangers on the night of April 22, 2021.

He first shot Boldin in front of the Pendry Hotel. Boldin was working as a parking valet and had the job for about a month.

Prosecutors say the violence was unprovoked – no words between the shooter and victim. Boldin was shot four times.

Remembering him as a joy in their lives, family members asked for the maximum sentence.

After shooting Boldin, Sarreshteh walked up 5th Avenue where he came across a group of men vacationing from New Jersey. There were some words, Sarreshteh asking “are you laughing at me?”… then started shooting.

Three men in the group were hit, along with another man nearby.

“I remember all of it… I remember looking up at the sky and slowly fading in and out of consciousness, mouthing the words I can’t breathe, help me,” shooting victim Vince Gazzani said.

Prosecutors also say Sarreshteh shot his victims with a “ghost gun.”

Moments after the shootings, a couple of bystanders tackled the gunman near 5th and Market where police arrested him.

On Thursday, Sarreshteh was sentenced to four life terms in state prison. Sarreshteh did not make a statement.

Now, because of new state law, theoretically, he could be eligible for parole in 20 years.

But after sentencing, the victim’s family and friends cried and hugged each other, saying they are relieved and confident the killer is now locked up for good.