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SAN DIEGO — A new city initiative kicked off Monday to help fight San Diego’s homelessness crisis.

Mayor Todd Gloria, along with other local leaders, launched an effort to help connect homeless residents to housing and other local services.

With the help of San Diego Housing Commission, homeless residents will receive individualized support services to get them on a path toward permanent housing.

“This is unprecedented,” Gloria said in a news conference. “This is a focused effort that we have not seen before along with a lot of beds that are now available. So let’s make the best use of them. I know it takes a lot of hard work, I know that this is some of the hardest work out there. This is the hardest problem we have to deal with. Everyone’s path to homelessness is unique and different.”

The state is expected to vote on a plan that would give San Diego $1 billion in aid to help fight homelessness.