SAN DIEGO — It’s that time of the year again — boxes of delicious Girl Scout cookies are on the way to your office breakroom and booths outside the grocery store.

Tables staffed by peppy young entrepreneurs will start popping up around town Feb. 11, while online offerings will start becoming available Jan. 30. And you’ll see a new box among the options this year: the “brownie-inspired” Adventurefuls.

Described as “indulgent” with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt to go with its brownie-like base, it will be fun to see how this new offering ranks among the old standards.

In 2021, San Diego County troops sold over one million boxes of cookies. Thin Mints — surprise, surprise — were most popular in San Diego, followed by Samoas and then Tagalongs. View more highlights from last season here.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, contact-free ways to order your delicious treats will also be featured prominently. If you know a Girl Scout, you’re encouraged to reach out to her family directly to see how her troop is handling sales this year. If you don’t, you can visit the Girl Scout cookies website or download the Cookie Finder app for iPhones and Androids to find a booth near you.

When you buy a $5 package, the organization says, about $2.60 goes to area Girl Scouts services (program activities, volunteer training, camps, financial assistance), and 75 cents to $1 goes directly to the individual troop (for projects, activities, travel, etc.). A $1.17 goes to funding the cookie-selling program and 23 cents goes to rewards for the girls.

Girl Scouts from a troop in Vista show off the Girl Scout Cookie offerings for 2022, including the new Adventurefuls, which will soon be available in San Diego County. (Photo: Girl Scouts San Diego)

You can read more about the fundraiser on the Girl Scouts of San Diego website.