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SAN DIEGO – Restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter are preparing for Father’s Day this Sunday, offering specials to bring back local customers after a year filled with restrictions.

“Greystone is doing a 3-course dinner menu, a whiskey pairing, and a wine pairing and a beer pairing depending on what the father likes to drink,” said Marketing Director for Greystone Prime Steakhouse, Sara Arjmand.

Arjmand says it feels amazing being able to see people with no masks, especially in the hospitality business.

“Last year was traumatic for us, we were shut down, it was closed, limited seating, we were opening and closing constantly,” said Arjmand.

The Jefhak family was finally able to reunite at Butcher’s Cut on Fifth avenue on Saturday, after a year of being separated because of the Coronavirus.

 “I’m normally vegetarian and I said for one time in the year I want to have steak dinner,” said Robert Jefhak.

Saltwater on Fifth Avenue and Market Street never had the opportunity to open last year during Father’s Day.

Manager for Saltwater, Giovanni Gargano, says they opened the restaurant in March of last year, and had to close one week later, “everything is getting back to normal.”

Saltwater will be offering a $10 old fashioned for Father’s Day.

As part of the Gaslamp Quarter’s “The New Normal is Now” campaign, every father that enjoys their special day in Downtown tomorrow will receive a free bottle of hot sauce.

“For every Father, if you come on Fifth and Market you will receive a free hot sauce tomorrow, come early noon to 3,” said Arjmand.

Arjmand says don’t forget to celebrate your dad this year – because we all skipped a year in 2020.  

“It’s extremely exciting for the Gaslamp and all the restaurants in the Gaslamp, everyone is coming out – and of course June 15th just happened and it’s been very lively,” said Arjmand.