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SAN DIEGO — Nine ducklings are safe at the humane society after a garbage truck driver helped rescue them from a busy freeway.

Ariel Aguilar was driving his EDCO work truck Monday morning when he saw a duck and her nine babies headed toward Interstate 8 on the College Avenue onramp. He said he pulled over as soon as he saw a car hit and kill the ducklings’ mother.

Someone called California Highway Patrol as the ducks began following Aguilar’s truck. Video from Onscene.TV shows two officers crawling under the truck with wooden boards to help herd the ducklings to safety.

“The ducks were just hiding under my tires,” said Aguilar, who is seen in the video helping to capture some of the ducks. “They’re all safe. They’re all going to a better place now. No one got hurt, none of them got killed.”

The San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife staff is now caring for the nine ducklings at the Pilar & Chuck Bahde Wildlife Center. They were given heat, food and water and examined by the wildlife veterinary team.

The humane society said they should recover and eventually be released near where they were found but not near the busy road.