CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A former Sheriff’s deputy was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of possessing child pornography and an assault weapon, according to law enforcement.

Jose Soto was arrested after San Diego police carried out a search warrant in the 200 block of Beneviana Drive in Chula Vista, the department confirmed. Evidence found during the search prompted his arrest, SDPD said.

“The Sheriff is deeply disappointed and frustrated by the arrest of a former employee,” the San Diego Sheriff’s Department said in a statement on Soto’s arrest. “It is very unfortunate the hard work of so many is overshadowed by an incident such as this.”

Soto joined SDSO as a Detentions and Court Services Deputy in 1998, the department said, serving there until he retired in January 2022. He was rehired in a part-time role in September of 2022 and was assigned to the South Bay Courthouse.

He was released from his part-time duties on May 2, 2023, according to the SDSO. The conditions of his release are not known at this time.

In their statement on Soto’s arrest, SDSO acknowledged that incidents like this involving current and former employees “cast a negative shadow” on the department.

“We would also like to point out we understand the vast majority of deputies come to work every day and promote the mission of the Sheriff’s Department and ensure the safety of the public,” SDSO continued in their statement.

SDPD said that the investigation on Soto remains ongoing.