SAN DIEGO — Veteran anchor Paul Bloom, who spent many years with FOX 5, died Thursday afternoon, according to his family.

His son Richard told FOX 5 that Paul died at home in Las Vegas.

Bloom began his legacy in San Diego in the late 1970s, went to Los Angeles for a few years, came back to NBC7 San Diego in the late 1980s and then moved to KUSI and finally arrived at FOX 5.

Richard called his father a humble guy, who wouldn’t want a big fuss to be made over his death.

Bloom was a talented field reporter and loved the crime beat. When he rolled up on a scene with a scanner blaring into his ear, he would hold up four fingers to get the word from officers. It was a code four situation, meaning everything was under control.

At FOX 5, he was game for anything when he filled in many times on our morning show. Richard says his father loved his time with FOX 5.

At one point in his San Diego career, Bloom was part of a morning radio show team.

And he was also in several movies, including playing a television commentator in the cheer film “Bring It On,” which was shot in North County.

As of this evening, FOX 5 is still awaiting details regarding any memorial service in the future.