SAN DIEGO – San Diego will soon add a new homeless shelter in the Barrio Logan neighborhood, in addition to the existing seven in the city, announced the mayor’s office.

Mayor Todd Gloria announced Wednesday that the city had signed a lease agreement and now owns a former motel in Barrio Logan, without identifying which one it was.

It’s part of a bridge housing program that will focus on housing families with children experiencing homelessness, according to the mayor’s office.

The new shelter will provide on-site supportive services like meals, mail services, security, housing support and case management.

The former motel will have 42 rooms and take in 164 people. Officials said the site will also have an office, laundry room, break room and parking lot.

People can sign up for an initial seven-month lease with two one-year extension options.

Once the new shelter is ready for operation in Barrio Logan it will become the eighth shelter recently created by the City of San Diego in the past two years.

The San Diego homelessness strategies and solutions department director (HSSD) will use roughly $350,000 that was awarded to the city as part of the county’s $10 million Capital Emergency Housing Solutions Grant Program. It is not known when the new Barrio Logan shelter will be open.