SAN DIEGO — A local food truck that’s known for serving up Filipino lumpia throughout San Diego is evolving into a dine-in restaurant.

Lia’s Lumpia, which has been featured on Food Network, will soon be filling plates with modern Filipino cuisine in Barrio Logan.

A green cottage located at 2219 Logan Ave. has previously been used as a soft opened storefront for to-go orders — but that chalet of savory smells will now welcome diners to eat in.

With personal touches added to the décor by one of the owners, guests can munch on the classics while taking in the ambiance of art-filled walls and personal photos of family behind Lia’s Lumpia.

Here’s an inside look at the restaurant. (Photo released by Lia’s Lumpia)

The food truck business turned restaurant was named after the mother of owner and chef Spencer Hunter. He told FOX 5 the business was branded to honor Benelia who works alongside her son and has help him bring his vision to life.

Filipino food runs in the bloodline of this local business owner as his grandmother, Milagros, opened the first Filipino restaurant in San Diego, which was called San Loys Lumpia and Food To Go.

Hunter says his grandmother had very close ties to Barrio Logan through friends and business sources. On top of that, the area chosen by the chef to operate his business holds a deeper meaning for him.

“Filipino and Mexican culture are very similar and we have a long standing relationship — the ‘Mexipinos.’ Barrio Logan was a natural fit to preserve this unique relationship,” said Hunter. “We want to honor that culture and add to the diversity of the neighborhood and culinary destinations.”

What’s on the menu?

For the love of lumpia — and options — patrons will have many styles and flavors to choose from when dining in.

There’s the “Lola’s Lumpia,” a traditional beef and pork mix with vegetables, garlic, red onion, Asian marinade and a sweet chili sauce.

Or there’s the “Chicken Adobo Lumpia,” a sweet soy sauce chicken mix with vinegar, garlic rice and adobo mayo sauce.

For more flare, the “Mac n Cheese Lumpia,” a modern twist on Filipino style food, includes a mix of mild cheddar and mozzarella cheese with barbeque mayo sauce.

There’s more than just lumpia on the menu.

  • dish

Other options include Lia’s street tacos, with choices between Chicken Adobo and the Pork Belly Sisig. There are also three styles of chicken wings like the Kalamansi, which is a Filipino lemon and black pepper.

The full menu can be found here, though monthly specials may vary.

Grand opening

The grand opening for Lia’s Lumpia in Barrio Logan is set for March 8, with operating hours from noon until 8 p.m. From that day forward, the restaurant will be open Wednesday through Sunday every week.

The food truck will still be operating for certain events, such as local happenings taking place at Snapdragon Stadium.

Hunter also offers a monthly popup dinner series named “Milagros,” after his grandmother, where he prepares a five-course meal with plated dishes that are more fine casual dining. The next popup will be on March 28 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here.

Grab a seat on their front patio, inside the cottage or post up on their back deck to enjoy some Filipino lumpia and more — locally.