SAN DIEGO — Flight disruptions are smoothing out for some airlines after dealing with thousands of cancelations and delays over the holiday weekend into the week.

“I’m glad to be back,” said Constance Crutchfield, a Spirit Airlines passenger.

Crutchfield said Spirit Airlines canceled her Dec. 26 flight from Las Vegas to San Diego twice. Crutchfield said she had to shell out more money and ask for days off work until the next available flight on Thursday.

Crutchfield said Spirit did not give her any accommodations.

“I did ask ultimately, I had to pay for my own extra nights at the hotel, plus going back and forth to the airport multiple times,” Crutchfield said.

On Thursday, airlines canceled and delayed fewer flights, including Southwest Airlines, as they’ve been the most impacted by the winter storms across the country and running a reduced schedule.

The airline promised to be back to normal operations by Friday. Their customers can already attest to that.

“It was perfect, it was as smooth as can be, no problems, no lines, nothing wrong,” Southwest Airlines customer Carol Fatherree said about her flight from Austin, Texas. “The pilot came out and spoke before we took off and he was quiet humorous, but he apologized profusely and said how sorry they were and got us here early.”