SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to pack on to the beaches and streets of San Diego for the July Fourth holiday.

Police have been preparing for the crush of people and say they are ready.

“The department has a pretty good response time as far as responding to those emergency calls. For instance, in the Gaslamp, the shooting a week ago on Friday, officers were on scene within about a minute,” said Lt. Adam Sharki of the San Diego Police Department.

Officers are also warning that all fireworks not in an approved show are illegal in San Diego and misdemeanor violations can bring a substantial fine. The dangers of fireworks can cause brush fires and injuries.

Firefighters are asking the public to become their inevitable emergency call.

“We have an amnesty program, so anybody can turn in any fireworks, as long as they are not modified, to any fire station. No questions asked,” said Mark Alvarez of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

For those who want to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the fireworks, FOX 5 has the Big Bay Boom covered from every angle.