SAN DIEGO — Firefighters helped to save an East County horse ranch from a blaze that broke out in the Lakeside area Wednesday evening.

The flames ripped through a riverbed beneath state Route 67 near Willow Road and Mapleview Street just before 4 p.m.

Right across the freeway, owners of a horse ranch are thankful that firefighters stopped the fire in its tracks.

“It was pretty terrifying. I’ve been in a couple wildfires before but this was definitely the first one where like we saw the flames coming over that freeway and I was like ‘if those flames come over that freeway, the entire south end of our property is like in jeopardy,” said Hannah Rosas of Windsor Ranch.

The Willow Fire — the name given to the blaze — shut down access to SR-67 in both directions for hours as crews tackled the flames; firefighters attacked the blaze from the ground and the air.

The flames threatened Hannah Rosas’ animals at Windsor Ranch and the woman told FOX 5’s Liberty Zabala that she was even preparing to evacuate her horses.

“They were very frantic at first moving them all. We just, we know the drill, got everything in halted up some horses brought them to a different part of the farm where they were less exposed to the flames,” says Rosas.

Luckily, firefighters held the flames at 4.5 acres.

“I can’t speak to cause,” says Jon Jordan of Lakeside Fire. “The cause is currently under investigation. There are homeless encampments in the river bed but I can’t determine whether or not that’s the cause.”

Overall, the horse ranch owner says she is just grateful her horses are safe.

“Gotta keep your calm. Horses feed off that energy,” says Rosas.

Firefighters will continue to mop up in the morning. Officials say one firefighter did suffer an injury battling the flames but no homes were burned.