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SAN DIEGO — Neighbors say they were woken up by flash bangs and a loud speaker as FBI agents raided a Mira Mesa home on Thursday morning.

An FBI spokesperson confirmed to FOX 5 that agents were at a house on Londonderry Avenue off Gold Coast Drive conducting “court authorized law enforcement activity.” They wouldn’t provide further information, citing an ongoing investigation.

A neighbor told FOX 5 that agents used a flash bang around 5:30 a.m. then forced their way through the front door of the home.

“It was a continual loud speaker, saying, ‘This is the FBI. This is a raid. We’re conducting a search warrant.’ And they do that every five seconds,” the neighbor said. “FBI agents (were) running in and out.”

Neighbors said agents detained three men in the front yard. They said they also saw an older woman questioned before agents let her go.

The raid appeared to involve computer hard drives that agents were seen removing from the home and garage area.

FOX 5 requested information about the search warrant but the FBI said it is expected to be sealed for the next few weeks, until the investigation is complete.

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