SAN DIEGO — A father who entered an elephant enclosure with his daughter at the San Diego Zoo has been sentenced to four years probation.  

Jose Manuel Navarrete, already on probation for two other cases in Orange County, did not show up to his initial sentencing in July.  

“He did contact my office last court hearing on his inability to come down to San Diego from Orange County,” said his attorney representing him.  

Navarrete entered a plea deal for child endangerment, which his attorney told the judge he is remorseful for.  
“Mr. Navarrete, I’m not convinced that you are going to fare well on probation given your interview with probation – indicated that you are the victim in this case – rest assured, you are not the victim. It was your daughter – and you endangered your daughter,” Judge Cano said.  

The judge told Navarrete to take his probation terms seriously.

“I’m willing to do so your honor,” Navarrete responded.  

“If I place you on probation, you are willing to abide by those conditions?” the judge asked.  

“Correct,” Navarrete said.  

Navarrete was sentenced to four years probation and is scheduled to report to the probation office on Friday.  

Navarrete has been asked to stay away from the San Diego Zoo.