SAN DIEGO — Padres fans went out to watch the second game of the wildcard series with dozens of them gathering at Alesmith Brewing Company in Miramar over the weekend.

“It’s just been a blast,” said Matt Nurth, a Padres supporter.

Fans — some on four legs, beer in hand — were happily packed inside the brewery for the Padres’ second game in their wild card series against the New York Mets.

“We couldn’t find parking outside, but we don’t mind at all,” said Homer Miranda, a Padres fan.

“The energy is right, we all want this, it’s been big for the city and been big for us,” said Warren Kennedy, an employee at the Alesmith Brewing Company.

Kennedy said fans showed up to Alesmith at 6:30 a.m. Saturday, ready to get to cheering.

“Definitely earliest crowd we got here at Alesmit,h so people are pretty serious about it this year,” Kennedy continued.

The Padres playing across the country has fans showing their support even louder at home.

Padres fan Rainier Ronquillo said, “We want to make our presence known even though we are not physically there, we re repping them in spirit.”

It has been a long time waiting for fans, to see the Padres make it to the playoffs in a full season.

“The last time we were in the playoffs I was 16-years-old,” Miranda said. “I’m just really excited, I’m ready to go, fired up.”

Fans are now hoping to root for them all the way back home.

“We are ready for the Padres to come back, pack Petco.” Miranda said.

“Lets just root for Machado to make sure he carries us thru all the way,” Nurth said.