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SAN DIEGO – Family members of a San Diego man who was shot and killed outside Las Vegas last week say he was a kind person to his final moments, even doing his killer a favor just before he was shot.

“He asked my brother for a lighter,” said Ramon Acosta, brother to the slain 32-year-old Abraham Acosta. “My brother, being nice how he is, got a lighter and the guy shot him in the face and drove off — left him there to die.”

The senseless killing, which happened July 1 in the parking lot of a Henderson convenience store, has left Ramon and Abraham’s other loved ones reeling. This week they’ve learned that the man accused of pulling the trigger is also suspected in a crime spree spanning seven days.

According to FOX 5’s reporting partner KVVU, the suspect is 29-year-old John Anthony Carrillo. He was tracked down thanks in part to the discovery of his COVID-19 vaccination card, which officers say they found along with Carrillo’s fingerprints in a stolen car.

Processing the DNA and using nearby surveillance, detectives say they were able to link him to a handful of other crimes including a carjacking, an attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and even another murder – all of which took place in the span of a week.

The Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office confirms Carrillo had only just been released from prison in April. He was convicted of assault with force likely to cause bodily injury.

“He did not deserve to die the way he died,” Acosta said of his brother. “At the hands of a known felon who had just went out wreaking havoc.”

“He was the baby of the family. He was the youngest one. The sweetest one, the most gentle one,” Acosta added. Abraham was also an uncle, a husband and one of 10 siblings.

The family told FOX 5 they are still sorting out arrangements to get their brother home for a memorial service.

As of Wednesday evening, Carrillo was being held without bail in Nevada.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to raise money for Acosta’s funeral at the link available here.