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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Maya “May” Millete’s family members say they’re frustrated about the lack of answers about her disappearance nearly three months after the mom of three was last seen. 

The community continues to search for Maya while they desperately await information from the Chula Vista Police Department.

“It doesn’t add up. They have camera surveillance from all the neighbors,” Richard Drouaillet said. “They said they have over 100 hours to review, and three months later, you’re still looking at those 100 hours — reviewing those videos. Something’s got to give.”

Maricris and Richard Drouaillet, Maya’s sister and brother-in-law, have been at nearly every search since Maya disappeared in January. Maya’s husband Larry has not.

Maricris told FOX 5 that Maya made an appointment with a lawyer to begin the divorce process the same day she went missing, and that Maya asked her for $10,000 that same week.

“The date, the scheduled date to meet with the divorce lawyer, that was done Thursday afternoon,” Maricris said. “According to the divorce lawyer, she wanted to have the birthday celebration first, her daughter’s birthday celebration was on Sunday, so she wanted to wait.”

Maricris said the appointment with the divorce attorney was the following Tuesday. Maya never made it. Chula Vista police confirmed they’re aware of this information and when FOX 5 contacted Larry for comment, he declined via text message.

Maricris and Richard said they reached out to semi-retired capital defense attorney and criminal defense investigator Billy Little with the Cold Case Foundation two days after Maya’s disappearance. The Cold Case Foundation is made up of experts who volunteer their time to help law enforcement agencies solve cases, including missing persons and homicides.

Little told FOX 5 he has substantial information about Maya’s case and turned it over to the Chula Vista Police Department. He said the department turned down his help.

“There are thousands of unsolved cases out there, and I don’t know why those thousands are unsolved,” Little said. “But this one does not need to be unsolved. This one can be solved.”

Maricris and Richard said they are concerned the Chula Vista Police Department isn’t doing enough to find Maya and move her case forward.

“For him to say they could have answers by now,” Maricris said.

Chula Vista police served a search warrant at Maya and Larry’s home about two months ago but have not released any new information. The department declined an interview with FOX 5 but said investigators continue to work on the case.