SAN DIEGO — Margarito Angeles Vargas, accused of fatally killing a toddler in City Heights, was scheduled to face a judge Wednesday but his arraignment was postponed.

Vargas has been placed in enhanced observation housing for suicidal inmates and did not show up to his arraignment.

Vargas is being charged with murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury, driving with a measurable blood alcohol causing injury, hit and run and driving with a suspended license.

Vargas was convicted of a prior DUI back in 2016, according to the criminal complaint by the District Attorney’s office.

The mother of one-year-old Annaleeh Carina Rodarte was with her family expecting to see Vargas get arraigned.

“We all came down to make sure he sees all of our faces, to make sure that he knows that this little girl had people who loved her, that this little girl has people regardless whether she is alive or dead are here to protect her to make sure he got what he deserves,” Rodarte said.

Rodarte says she hopes Vargas gets the maximum sentence.  

“I just wish the worst for him, I don’t even wish the worst for anyone, not even my own enemy, but honestly I don’t care about his life right now at this point,” Rodarte said.

Vargas is now scheduled to face a judge Friday.