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SAN DIEGO — San Diego police have identified the man suspected of driving under the influence and fatally hitting a one-year-old girl in City Heights.

Margarito Angeles, 45, was arrested Saturday evening in the deadly hit-and-run collision that killed the girl, identified by the family as Annaleeh Rodarte.

“Those moments we had with her, when we babysat her, when she was a little baby. Those smiles, laughs. We used to make her laugh. It’s just heartbreaking,” said Agustin Rojas, a cousin.

The family told FOX 5 the girl was at her grandparent’s house with her sisters and a group of them went out to go to the store. Annaleeh went out to go with them.

The family says a 10-year-old sister went to grab Annaleeh to take her back to the house and that’s when an SUV speeding down Redwood Street hit the girl and barely missed her sister. The driver kept going, leaving the girl to die in the road.

“My heart just shattered at the sight of this baby, just left on the floor like trash. It was just horrible. I don’t have any words for what I actually felt,” said Paulina Young, a neighbor.

A neighbor saw the collision, jumped in his car and chased after the SUV.

“Stopped him at an intersection, approached him, recording him immediately and said, ‘you just ran over a little girl,'” said Young.

The driver sped off, but the neighbor captured his license plate number and police arrested the suspect, identified as 45 year-old Margarito Angeles, at his home in the Skyline Hills area.

“It’s good that he was caught so he can get what he deserves,” said Rojas.

Angeles was booked for murder, DUI, hit-and-run and driving with a suspended license.

A GoFundMe account is now set up to help the family pay for funeral costs.