SAN DIEGO — San Diego State University students started their first day of college learning about an incident at a party near campus Saturday night.  

Two minors were arrested after police discovered a hatchet and ghost gun outside what’s described as a massive party that spilled onto the streets. Returning students say the parties are standard during the first two weeks of school.

Residents who live within the “row after row” of “off-campus” rentals say its seasonal, happens every year, and these two weeks are the worst and out of control.

“I woke up 11 p.m., went to my kitchen window and there was probably about 300 people,” one resident said.

The resident called police, who responded quickly, but then took over an hour to disperse the large crowd.  

According to the San Diego Police Officers Association, staffing shortages are making it difficult to respond in a timely manner, but they are increasing patrols to deal with the expected parties over the next two weeks.

However, they say the violence seen in the last few months in the area and Saturday’s incident are not SDSU students, but rather kids from other areas taking advantage of open door policy of welcome week and causing trouble.  

The two suspects taken into custody Saturday are minors. Their identities will not be released.