SAN DIEGO — A former San Diego youth football coach has been arrested and charged with defrauding team families out of thousands of dollars. 

“We did not want this to continue happening to other families, because so easily he swindled us,” said Sofia Aguais, one of the team moms of the San Diego Bolts 11U team. 

Former San Diego youth football coach Latell Love spent some time in jail Thursday after being arrested by La Mesa police. 

FOX 5 first shared the story in September when team moms Sofia Aguais and Jessica Johnson put a spotlight on the issue.  

“We had to do something because this might not just happen once,” Aguais said. 

Following that interview, Aguais contacted the city of La Mesa and La Mesa police about her concerns because that’s the city where the team practices.  

“I sent an email, bringing the story to their attention letting them know that it’s unfortunate what had happened at the Junior Seau Sports Complex that is part of the La Mesa Community,” Aguais said.   

She says soon an investigator was asking for information from families with the San Diego Bolts 11U team, which is part of the San Diego Youth Football and Cheer league. Parents submitted text message conversations and evidence of the money paid to Love to police. 

Families say close to $12,000 was collected by Love back in July for an out-of-state game in Hawaii, claiming he would book accommodations. He was assistant coach at the time, but the league has since suspended him.  

Days before the trip, Aguais says they were urged by Love to cancel and they never received their money back.  

FOX 5 tried to speak with Love at the jail Thursday, but he declined.  

After months of back and forth trying to resolve the issue with Love himself and the league, parents say it’s surreal to hear of the arrest.  

“I feel bad, because we really didn’t want to get to this point, but at the same time, if you’re stealing from kids and families, I’m sorry that’s not forgivable,” Aguais said. 

Love was released from jail by Thursday evening. His bail was set at $20,000. Love is set to have his first appearance in court in El Cajon next week.