SAN DIEGO — An ex-Marine was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison Friday for a deadly shooting that took place in Miramar last year.

Damani Wiltshire-Beal, 23, was convicted of shooting and killing 37-year-old Kyle Delangel outside a bar in February 2022, court records show.

The judgment of murder was made by a San Diego jury.

According to the prosecution team, the shooting stemmed from an argument between the defendant and several women.

Officials say Wiltshire-Beal ultimately ended up shooting Delangel several times in the parking lot of Off Base Bar, following a wave verbal fights among a group.

Court records show Wiltshire-Beal pleaded for a reduced sentence, but the judge in charge of this case declined his request, stating the murder was “gratuitous.”

At the time of this deadly shooting, officials say Wiltshire-Beal was an active-duty Marine who was stationed at MCAS Miramar.

The deceased was reported to be a National City resident.