SAN DIEGO – Strong Santa Ana winds tore through San Diego Thursday, taking down trees all over the county including in Scripps Ranch where two eucalyptus trees toppled onto a condo complex. 

“The whole house just shook. It sounded like almost like this big trash trucks when they just drop,” said Anne O’Farrell, a resident of the Village Woods complex.

The trees came down on a building with six units, but two garages took the brunt of the damage.

“We both heard and felt this big giant crash. I can hear my wife yelling from the other side of the house. Oh my God, a tree fell on our house,” Sidney Eads said.

Eads was temporarily trapped in his house with his wife and dog as fire crews worked to clear the debris blocking his front door. No one was hurt, but his car was crushed still inside the garage.

The homes were detached from the garages and had minor damage. There was also a jeep parked outside which was damaged by the fallen trees.

Residents tell FOX 5 two other trees from the same hillside were just recently removed for safety reasons. 

“Then these two came down. Two more at least are going be taken down and needless to say everyone here would like to have all the rest of them come down or to trim them, so if they fall, they won’t fall on structures,” O’Farrell said.

Clean up will continue for the remaining debris Friday as well as additional tree removal.