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ESCONDIDO, Calif. – Escondido City Council voted Wednesday to oppose the San Diego Association of Governments proposal to tax drivers per mile to help fund a $160 billion transportation plan.

The proposal by the collection of agencies that make decisions about metro planning includes no-cost public transportation and a 200-mile-long regional rail network. Under the policy, drivers would pay a 4 cent tax per mile to help fund the improvements.

“Public transportation would be paid for on the back of those who drive and don’t use public transportation,” Deputy Mayor Michael Morasco said.

But some already are lining up against the proposed tax, including Escondido leaders who argued they haven’t seen enough about the plan.

They ultimately voted against the proposal, 3-2.

“The roads themselves, I mean the revenues are declining,” Mayor Paul “Mac” McNamara said. “I mean we’re giving a pass to electric vehicles, and we need to – and again nothing is set in stone.”

SANDAG will vote on the proposal on Dec. 10th. It’s still unclear how the mile tax would be implemented.

Here’s how to review the plans in detail on the agency’s website.