SAN DIEGO — The Sidewalk Vendor Ordinance will now be enforced in San Diego’s coastal areas.

The City of San Diego announced last month that vendor permits are required at beaches and shoreline areas, meaning a sidewalk vendor could be fined up to $1,000 if they do no have a permit to sell. As of Wednesday, city officials will be fully enforcing that ordinance.

To break that down — all sidewalk vendors operating within San Diego are required to have a valid and current Business Tax Certificate, Sidewalk Vending Permit and City issued photo ID. For those selling food, a San Diego County Health Permit and Food Handler Card are required. More information about permits and the application process can be found here.

The ordinance brings San Diego into compliance of Senate Bill 946, which decriminalized sidewalk vending statewide and set parameters on how cities can impose regulations.

Since the Sidewalk Vending Ordinance went into effect last year, the city said more than 500 sidewalk vending permits have been issued to local vendors selling jewelry, clothing, apparel, artisan products, home décor, candles, fine art collectibles, novelty items, food products and other items.