EL CAJON, Calif. — Neighbors in El Cajon’s North Crest community are being warned about a rise in coyote sightings.

Residents said they are used to seeing coyotes around, but now, they are seeing more of them and they said they are becoming more aggressive.

“We see ‘em and we hear ‘em and they screech up a storm out here at night, every night. Sounds like something is getting slaughtered,” said Cheryl Sherman, a resident.

Sherman said she was asleep Tuesday night when a pack of coyotes got onto her ranch and into a pen where they attacked her three-year-old filly “Angel.”

“While I was brushing her, I found a puncture wound here and here,” Sherman said while showing where the wounds were found in the horse’s body. “When I finally got done counting all the bumps, there were eight. She couldn’t run away. If she has the energy, she can end up kicking them, stomping them,” Sherman said.

Because of that incident, “Angel” is temporarily sleeping in a trailer.

Neighbors said they’re nervous about their small pets and animals — some have been killed.

Coyotes are known to even attack small children.

A coyote recently attacked a two-year-old girl in a Los Angeles neighborhood.

The parents scared off the coyote, the girl had scratches and needed rabies shots.

“I wouldn’t allow a toddler out here by themselves. Coyotes don’t scare me, but if they’re bold enough to attack my horse, then I’m freaked,” Sherman said.

Wildlife experts say coyotes are bonding for mating season and establishing their territory.

Experts advise people to not feed coyotes, remove all food sources from around homes and secure any garbage.