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SAN DIEGO — A nationwide shortage of eggs is being felt by shoppers in San Diego.

People have seen prices skyrocketing, with people saying they are now paying double for the same supply of eggs.

“It comes and goes in seasons, but it’s not something we particularly enjoy,” said Chan Chan Nguyen, who owns the Pho Kitchen in Mira Mesa with his parents.

Pho Kitchen is a family business that shops local for their supplies, like the Restaurant Depot in Miramar.

According to the CDC, a nationwide outbreak of the highly contagious bird flu has killed more than 57 million birds.

Click here to learn more on the CDC’s Bird Flu Summary.

It’s caused an egg shortage and higher prices in some parts of the country. At Pho Kitchen, Nguyen said its digging into their pockets.  

Their most popular item is an egg meatloaf.

“A couple months ago I’d say for 15 dozens I’d say around $30-$50. Right now, I just bought a case for $90,” Nguyen said. “I’d say it’s on a weekly basis. Sometimes if people really crave it, like really trendy, sometimes we have to buy two cases, there’s two locations we go to so sometimes four cases.”

Shopper Camila said its an egg hunt for affordability.

“$10, $8 for a 12-pack,” she said.

Camila adds she is shopping for her grandmother, aunt and her own household. She’s now considering bulking up at Costco.

“I didn’t really check the price, because I’m not going to buy 60, but now I’m considering buying 60 for three households,” Camila said.

According to the City of San Diego’s urban farming rules, people do not have to apply or let the city know that they will be placing chickens on their property.