SAN DIEGO – A man with four active arrest warrants was taken into custody after an hours-long standoff with SWAT team members in the Rolando Village neighborhood of San Diego, authorities said.

Tayvion Harrison was placed under arrest around 9 p.m. Sunday after entering a home in the 6200 block of Madeline Street while fleeing from police hours earlier, according to Lt. Adam Sharki with the San Diego Police Department.

Police had initially received a call about an assault near 50th Street and El Cajon Avenue, which police said the man fled from, at one point dropping a gun. During the pursuit, officers lost track of the man and began conducting a yard-to-yard search in the area.

While officers were conducting a search in the neighborhood, residents of one home ran outside, approached officials, and told them that an unknown man had run into their home. Lt. Sharki said that officers found the home and set up outside with the goal of de-escalating the situation and removing the suspect peacefully.

Due to the suspect’s reported possession of a firearm, officers did not attempt to enter the home and the SWAT team, as well as backup officers and personnel, were called to the scene.

More than eight hours after the first call came in, Harrison was taken into custody without force, officials confirmed.

Lt. Sharki did say that the firearm was not immediately located at the scene and that the investigation is ongoing at this time.

Officials did not comment on the assault that initially brought police to the scene and said that the matter remains under investigation, as well.