JAMUL, Calif. — A horse was rescued Monday after falling down a cliff in East County, the San Diego Humane Society said.

Crews with SDHS’s Emergency Response Team, Cal Fire San Diego and San Diego County Animals responded late Sunday night to assist an eight-year-old horse who had fallen over 100 feet off a trail and down a cliff, the humane society said on Twitter.

The horse fell in the area near Honey Spring Ranch Truck Trail.

Crews hiked four-to-five miles to reach the horse, named Dobby, who was standing on an incline down the cliff. They helped guide the injured horse across a stream to get him to flat ground and provided Dobby with food and a blanket to keep him as comfortable as possible during the rescue.

Responding teams initially planned to hoist the horse out with a San Diego Fire-Rescue Department helicopter at daylight, but they were unable to fly safely due to weather conditions.

SDHS emergency response crews hiked back to the horse Monday morning, along with a veterinarian who could monitor the horse’s leg wounds.

The team hiked four hours with the horse through tough terrain to the staging area at the top of the cliff.

A veterinarian re-bandaged the horse’s wounds before he was transported to a critical care unit, SDHS said.

The SDHS Emergency Response Team said they were very impressed by the horse’s ability to maneuver through the tough terrain while injured.

The exact circumstances that led to the horse’s fall were not immediately known.