LA MESA, Calif. — A man was killed during a shooting involving police officers in La Mesa Sunday, authorities confirmed.

According to Lt. Steve Shebloski of the San Diego Police Department’s Homicide Unit, La Mesa Police Department officers recognized an individual with a felony warrant in a parking lot at 8000 University Ave. around 4:15 p.m.

Upon contact with the suspect, police officers discovered that the individual, a 41-year-old man, had a handgun in his possession. At some point during interaction between the officers and the suspect, Lt. Shebloski says an officer-involved shooting occurred.

“During that shooting, we are still determining what rounds went where and doing ballistics testing,” he told FOX 5. “And that’s something we’re going to be doing throughout the entire evening.”

SDPD confirmed the suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

During the incident, Lt. Shebloski says a passing vehicle on University avenue was struck with a round that impacted a window. The driver individual inside the vehicle was not injured.

“We are still investigating to determine the details,” Lt. Shebloski in regards to the affected passerby.

No other injuries were reported and a handgun was recovered at the scene.

SDPD’s Homecide Unit will lead the investigation.