LAKESIDE, Calif. — The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department held a town hall in Lakeside Tuesday evening to hear community concerns after a reported hate crime in the area that left a 16-year-old girl stabbed multiple times over the weekend.

San Diego activists held a press conference for accountability prior to the town hall.

“Here we are again, standing up for a youth who was attacked in the most heinous and cowardice way,” said Yusef Miller of North Equity and Justice Coalition.

Activists from across San Diego County came together to fight against what they consider historically ongoing racism, particularly in East County.

“We are here today to take a stand against that and to change the culture of East County,” said Danielle Wilkerson of East County BIPOC Coalition.

The sheriff’s department confirms the stabbing happened after 11 p.m. Saturday at an apartment complex near El Capitan High School. Investigators say racist slurs were used toward the girl during the alleged assault.

Activists who have spoken with the victim’s family say the 16-year-old suspected in the stabbing, who has since been arrested, was accompanied by adults during the attack.

“This was done in front of white adults, adults who walked over with their children to witness this attack. Those adults need to be held accountable as well,” Tasha Williamson said.

The district attorney’s office was at the town hall and answered many questions about why no charges have been filed against adults.

“While it is horrific behavior, I can’t prosecute a parent for standing by. If that were crime, we would certainly look for that,” said Lisa Weinreb, chief of the juvenile branch for the San Diego District Attorney’s office.

Weinreb added if enough evidence is handed over to the DA to charge an adult in this case, the office would look into the possibility.

Lakeside Lieutenant Shawn Wray fielded questions on if enough was done in the case.

“The family so far has been offered a direct line to the victim witness program. We’ve also worked with the apartment manager on trying to find some better housing, safer housing for the family,” Wray said.

He listened to countless concerns and criticisms of the response to not only this case, but other acts of racism.

“Sometimes we can’t change the facts of what happened, we wish we could. Trust me, I wish we weren’t here at all, but the fact that we are here, I think it’s a giant success. We are talking, having an open dialogue and we are trying to solve community problems.”

The DA’s office hasn’t formally filed charges, but the suspect was booked on attempted murder and a hate crime allegation.

The victim sustained serious injuries, but was discharged from the hospital.