San Diego — The county Registrar of Voters is unveiling its new 24-hour drop boxes as another trusted source for this years midterm election cycle.

Thirty-two of the new drop boxes are accessible to the public all across the county and another 141 are available at different times of the day.

“As soon as you receive it, don’t delay,” said Cynthia Paes of the San Diego County Registrar. “Go ahead and make your selections, seal your completed ballot inside of your security return envelope, sign your name on the security return envelope and return it to a trusted source.”

Ballots have already been received by some voters and elections officials say most San Diegans should receive their ballots by weeks end.

The new drop boxes are a part of the election modernization process which started in 2014. The boxes are stainless steel and bolted to the ground.

Both Orange County and Los Angeles County have been using these boxes with no issues to report.

“We are asking voters to check find a location near you and check the hours of operation before you head out,” said Paes.

The election ends at 8:00 p.m. on November 8.